The Artists

Lynda Peterson- Semi Abstract Artist

My work at this point in my life is an adventure. I’m blessed to be doing something that thrills me. I have two different approaches. One begins with a very concrete vision of something I have seen, however briefly, and I try to convey what was wonderful about that vision.The second approach is more exploratory. Perhaps I have a feeling I want to express or a color I want to experiment with. I jump right in and squeeze paint right on the canvas, sometimes lots of it, and see where it takes me. Occasionally, a painting turns into something that puts me into a state of euphoria, and it may be far from my original vision! My goal is to bring the viewer into that euphoria also. See more work at 






 Aina Jane- Abstract Artist

I enjoy letting the freedom of creativity come out through my paintings. I do this by experimenting with color relationships, patterns, and trying new techniques. To me, these are some exciting aspects of creating artwork.

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 Katie Teesdale- Potter

The bodies, lives, and habits of people inspire my artwork. I use my work to meditate on my own story as well as others’ stories. I use repetitively and ritualistically applied textures to contemplate how I form both good and bad habits as reactions to my experiences. I am particularly interested in exploring how traumatic events (and our repetition of those memories in both thought and action) shape us and our emotions. Ceramics can be a strong mode of healing, and I use that potential to inform both my artwork and my teaching methods.