Dreaming of Next Year's  Garden

Dreaming of Next Year's Garden

Gardening is really much the same as painting, just with a different medium. Both the gardener and the painter plays with color, shape, rhythm and texture in an attempt to create a pleasing balance and flow with these elements.

 If the results aren't what one hoped for, with gardening there's always another season, and with painting there's always another canvas.For many gardeners and painters it is the process that is most pleasing, moving toward a vision (with varying degrees of success!).

I've always been the kind of gardener wh deems it worthwhile to move a plant, even in full bloom, one foot to the left or right to achieve a more pleasing effect.

With painting I will also happily paint out an entire tree and repaint it an inch or two to the left or right to make a stronger composition.


The garden at l.louise is done for this season, and while I enjoyed it tremendously, I have more expansive ideas for next year.

Because it is primarily a "drive by" garden, it is considerably shortened visually than when one is walking past it. To create the impact I am visualizing, it must be longer, and so must be expanded.

I've saved seed from my beautiful marigolds and orange profusion spreading zinnias, and my canna bulbs are much bigger than last year, so I have material to work with and can expand economically!

This garden also needs more spring blooming plants so again, being economically minded, I will use more nepeta, which reseeds easily, and hardy geraniums, which bloom together with the nepeta.

My sister has generously promised me some garden starts, which I hope will include sedum. The sculptural effect of their shape will be a nice contrast to the mounding shape of the zinnias and marigolds.

This photo from the the Anderson Gardens in Litchfield is part of my inspiration for next year. I plan to pair the marigolds with the dramatic color and height of the cannas, creating a gloriously imagined garden.

Until next spring, happy garden dreams!

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