Art Adds Value to Life

Art Adds Value to Life

Some interesting comments I've heard lately have made me think again about what art does in one's life.

We know that art records aspects of our culture, as evidenced by art from centuries ago. This gives us a picture (perhaps somewhat altered!) of what life may have been like, what was valued, etc. It also may reflect values or issues that were important at that time. This one thing that interested me on a recent trip to Chicago, and the Chicago Institute of Art. A history picture book!

Art also invites us to take a closer look at life, whether through someone else's art, or when creating one's own art. This aspect is huge, in that it helps us to be in the moment (where we can only ever be, actually!). 

This has been mentioned to me several times by painters who have taken my classes. They are more intrigued by what they see and experience, by color and shadow and clouds and whatever! An important plus, in my estimation.

Another wonderful thing that I noticed was how many people wanted to add the art experience to their life. This was encouraging to me as an artist, that all these people had a need to see, enjoy, study these great pieces of art. The Institute was packed with people, and it did my little heart good to see this!

Find ways, big or small, to add art into your life! Start a little sketchbook to record or explore even small things you notice. Visit a gallery or art show. Attend an art fair. Add the Dassel Art Tour to your October calendar. Just stand and gaze at something long enough to get a hint of it's essence.

I promise you, you won't be sorry!


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