Progression of a Painting

Those of you who follow us on Facebook and Instagram may have already seen the beginning of this painting.
 This is a large piece, 4' wide x five ' tall. It began when I saw my daughter sitting in a chair in an interesting pose with her head bent  and her hair up. To me It said youthfulness and the somewhat introspective tendency of this age (17). So I told her "hold that pose" and took some pictures And some more pictures. . With her hand rearranged and her foot repositioned. It's amazing how imperfect the perfect pose can be!
 I then began painting, and it's also amazingly easy to distort the perfect pose! And then of course in my haste I didn't look at her clothing and decided what she had on wasn't exactly what I wanted this to say. I thought all that skin was distracting,  and lest this get to dull decided to put her in red to show the volatility of emotion of this age. I am still debating about stripes. . (To be continued as this painting develops. . . )
This is the photo I started with, (one of several I took).
In September we will be making up our Fall schedule of classes. Stop in or email us if you have a great idea for a class!
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