Artists need to keep their work fresh and innovative. In order to do this one might either paint new subject matter, experiment with new techniques or medium or use different tools. I have been experimenting with acrylic paint in new ways, particularly since teaching classes in acrylic painting. This 38x48 acrulic painting began with a rather wild underpainting and as it progressed it became a piece very full of light and yet with a lot of under painting showing through. Does anyone have an idea for a name for this piece? Because it's departure from my normal work I am at a loss as to a name. Hmmmm...

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Tyyni, I didn’t see it when I painted it, but someone pointed it out later, and subsequently purchased the paintint. It’s very interesting what shows up in a painting, and that’s part of what makes it exciting!


Lynda, I see a female in the picture that is pondering something, hmmm. Maybe I am influenced
by the picture, or what you had written about the picture, before this one. I see it with both of my eyes open, and with a squint. I came upon your web address as I was sorting the office, and let myself get distracted! What fun to see/read it!


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