Acrylic Paint Set with Free Painting Lesson Video!

  • This set is perfectly suited for beginner painters as well as aspiring artists! Each item was hand selected AND TESTED by professional artist Lynda Peterson.
  • Don't worry about running out of paint! The 20ml tubes of paint will be plenty for your first couple of paintings. Also we doubled up on the most common color, white.
  • These brushes are high quality and won't leave you with a stray paint line or have you picking bristles off your painting. We don't add extra unnecessary brushes just to get our piece count up!
  • l.louise art is a brand that focuses on helping you "Find Your Inner Artist". Its in everyone, our job is to help you locate and embrace it!
  • Follow along with our Free Painting Lesson Video and you will have no problem learning the painting techniques that will help you make a masterpiece of your own!
  • The $19.99 PAINTING LESSON VIDEO is included for FREE with the purchase of this set. The video is shot using the items in this set. 

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