Wildlife Oil Painting- Saturday, October 16th 10-2pm

Join Carol Lundeen to paint this wildlife oil painting, Saturday, October 16th 10-2pm. During this workshop, you will learn how to paint an American Robin on a cotton canvas board in a loose style…not photo realistic.  This style is called Representational art.  Each student will be required to bring their own supplies to help keep workshop costs more affordable.  Here are the supplies you will need:



(I use Jerrys as I find it cheaper.  You get free shipping!)

 *Bristle brushes (new or barely used) for oil paints in size #2,4 and 6.  I use Silver Grand Prix

              1001 Flats.               

*Winsor & Newton Oil Paints:

            - Zinc White 37ml

            - Cadmium Red 37ml

            - Cadmium Yellow Pale 37ml

            - Cobalt Blue 37ml

            - Ivory Black 37ml

*A palette knife for mixing paints.  I use Creative Mark T16.

*Gamsol Odorless Mineral Spirits 4.2 oz.  (Odorless mineral spirits is key!  Do not bring  Turpentine!)

*A roll of Viva paper towels.  The kind that feel like a soft cloth.

*A plastic Walmart bag to hold your used paper towels.

*A palette or non-absorbent surface for mixing oil pants on.  A medium gray colored surface no smaller than 11x14 is preferred.  Do not use paper or Styrofoam plates.  Jerry’s has palette called SoHo True Color Peel Off Neutral Grey that works.  Plexiglass taped cardboard also works.

*An empty, clean jar with a lid to hold your mineral spirits. 

 Each student, of which there will be a total of 8, will be given a 9x12 cotton canvas board with the image of a robin already drawn up on it and ready to paint.  Carol will demonstrate how she paints her wildlife images and then plenty of time will be allowed for each student to paint their own robin.  Carol will be visiting each student to give help and answer any questions.

 Each student will be provided with non-latex thin, black gloves if you choose to wear them to protect your skin.

 Because the workshop is over the noon hour, we will be taking a break for lunch at 12:00.  Please bring a bag lunch and something to drink.  Coffee will be provided.

 Looking forward to meeting everyone!  Let’s paint!

Carol Lundeen

carol@lundeenartwork.com for questions

320-221-9727 if email is not available

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